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Cabo Blanco beach is the perfect place to rest after walking along the National Park jungle trails


Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve  extends over an area of 1250 hectares of forest and many kilometers of dramatic coastline. It is also the home of hundreds of animals and plant species (including the white faced and howler monkeys, the long-tailed coati and the unique white-tailed deer). Ocelots and Jaguars have also been spottted in more than one occasion!
It was the first National Park to be established in Costa Rica back in 1963 thanks to the huge effort of a Swedish couple, Karen Mongensen and Olof Wessberg who “reconverted” most of the pasture land near the actual park back to its past splendour, that of a primary forest.




Another dramatic view of Cabo Blanco beach


Park visitors can choose two different type of trails, none of them presents particular difficulties. One of the trails will take you to the magnificent pristine Playa Cabo Blanco, be careful of its strong currents, swimming is not recommended. Look up the cliffs with your binocular instead, you might spot eagles' nests.






Fresh water is available along the trails of Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve


Water is available along the trail, bring your own bottle to collect some for the beach”.
It is advisable to visit the park early in the morning; being second means having missed more than half of the entire animal population.
Spend the night in Cabuya, get up for an early breakfast and then walk along the beach to the park entrance.



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